...... developing people to develop RESULTS ........ in 2018

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everybody has

a BRIGHT side

everybody has

a DARK side

We offer tailor-made workshops, courses and Coaching in Teambuilding, Leadership and

Selling & Negotiating with our unique range of resources designed to help people boost RESULTS

Tailor-made for guaranteed relevance to delegates'

roles and challenges

Creativity is a discipline. We help delegates identify new ways

to boost RESULTS. 

Relevant and Applicable

Opening minds - "So the way you did it last time worked, that doesn't mean there isn't a BETTER way"


Easy to learn; easy to use; for IMMEDIATE results - eg a

planned meeting; AND longer

term CREATIVE planning

We provide checklists and tools -

Janus CREATIVE Planning and

a "Little Book of Epigrams".

Please visit our specialist web site www.impetusdentaltraining.co.uk to learn all about our CPD services for the Dental Profession

We have a library of guides and reference books to accompany training - free to delegtates and also available for purchase - see Books


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