...... developing people to develop RESULTS ........ in 2017


Learning has never been more lifelike

everybody has

a BRIGHT side

everybody has

a DARK side

We specialise in bespoke Leadership, Management, Teambuilding, Selling and Negotiating training and have created

unique tools and resources - all designed to boost CREATIVITY, productivity, competitiveness and RESULTS.

"Bespoke" means "designed" to meet a client's researched needs, rather than "off the shelf"!

Visit Our Clients page to link through to a range of case studies illustrating our work.

We provide different, unique weapons for salespeople at all levels - AND people in ANY role who need to persuade/influence others. Janus for Salespeople and ESP (Experiential Salespeople Profiling) are unique tools, as are our unique range of selling tasks to simulate delegates' roles.

In bespoke workshops and/or Coaching, delegates use their own work challenges for immediate results and return on investment".

Tailor-made for guaranteed relevance to delegates'

roles and challenges

"Learning has never been more lifelike" is the proud claim of Limbs & Things, who supply a wide range of life-like models for use in medical learning facilities (eg: teaching hospitals) all over the world.

Creativity is a DISCIPLINE, not a "gift"! Anyone can be creative - if they DECIDE to. We help delegates identify new, different ways to boost their RESULTS. 


Relevant and Applicable


A Case Study ....

See CREATIVITY for an introduction to "A Little Book of Epigrams"


Easy to learn; easy to use; for IMMEDIATE results - eg a

planned meeting; AND longer

term CREATIVE planning

We provide checklists and tools, including Janus CREATIVE Planning® and our unique "Little Book of Epigrams".

Therefore it was logical that we at Impetus adopted their motto to ensure "Learning has never been more lifelike" described our contribution to their Global Sales Summit in Savannah, Georgia, 5 to 9 December 2016.

We adapted Janus for Salespeople to apply to all delegates, whatever their role and location, and helped them apply the principles to Case Studies of their own current challenges.

We also used our "Little Book of Epigrams" to help team members identify how to achieve their TRUE potential.

AND we included Teambuilding to help them share best practice - the realities of teamworking in a gobal sales team.


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