...... developing people to develop RESULTS ........ in 2018


Presented as a package of two 4 hour modules that can either be delivered on the same day or as two separate periods of 4 hours on different days - ideally two weeks in-between for implementing learned strategies.

Please call or email Rick Whitehead, the creator of Janus, to discuss who, in your organisation,

might benefit  - 01494 589 889 or 07831 345 373 - rick@impetustraining.co.uk

Delegates Learn JANUS for Business Development by DOING IT - for an INSTANT return on investment!

    Module One - 4 Hours - JANUS Creative PLANNING for ...

  • designing business development plans and strategies

  • time management and effective use of time

  • creative planning to overcome “impossible” challenges

  • aiming higher and achieving more with every customer

  • personal development using a "Little Book of Epigrams"

A Synergy between two Powerful Techniques - JANUS Creative Planning® and Experiential Profiling

"Janus for Business Development" is a potent tool for "salespeople" at any level - including Business Owners, Directors, Account Managers - anyone who ever needs to persuade/negotiate in a competitive environment - and it can be a lethal weapon in the hands of already well-trained, professional salespeople!

  • The ESP Reference Card is designed from scratch to be a true and thorough description of the roles of delegates

JANUS for Business Development

    Module Two - 4 Hours - JANUS Creative SELLING for ...

  • visualisation techniques to establish, agree and influence a customer’s needs

  • creating partnerships and TRUST - to help customers achieve their goals

  • and ESP (Experiential Salespeople Profiling) to identify WHAT TO DO to maximise performance and results and help individuals learn their own unique Persuasive Personality Profile and exploit their personal power

  • Delegates are briefed and coached individually before Module One to ensure they understand the concept of Janus and to select a current difficult challenge or opportunity to work with on Module One to take away a strategy that will work immediately.

All delegates receive copies of the NEW "Janus for Salespeople" workbook and "A Little Book of Epigrams"

"Janus for Business Development" is always 100% tailor-made for each client

The Course fee is £1,250 for up to 6 delegates (extra £200 each)

  • The 6 Bright side and 6 Dark side "TYPES" are based on typical real characters in the business/roles of delegates and between them are a true description of all the good behaviours that characterise success - and behaviours to avoid/control!

  • In the final session in Module One delegates choose a customer/client to work on before and during Module Two to perfect their persuasive interactive techniques

  • The two Modules, if not on the same day, can be any 4 hours in a day, for the convenience of your business