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The benefits can be hugely disproportionate to the minimal outlay - a four hour workshop (left) can provide an instant return on investment!

Please call or email Rick Whitehead, the creator of Janus, to discuss who, in your organisation, might benefit from Janus - 07831 345 373 - rick@impetustraining.co.uk


  • the best way of learning Janus is by DOING IT - delegates choose an important short term challenge and learn by applying the JANUS process (with coaching) for a result there and then

  • we can include Janus in a wide range of learning events - virtually any management, strategic or interpersonal subject - as a NO COST OPTION !

  • we also offer Personal Coaching and bespoke 4 hour workshops

  • Another option is to include Janus in a bespoke "Leadership Millionaire" course - 2½ days (or longer) that simulates the pressures of a modern workplace

1. The Janus Creative Planning® Workbook

    the "easy-to-use and an enjoyable read" workbook contains:

The Janus Creative Planning® Tool Kit

Janus Creative Planning®

JANUS, a Roman God with the gift

to see both past and future

"Janus for Business Development" is, for example, a lethal weapon for "salespeople" (anyone who needs to persuade, influence and negotiate) at any level

Janus Creative Planning® is an aspiration and visualisation technique which can be applied to both strategic goals and everyday challenges to provide creative ideas on WHAT TO DO to achieve way  beyond “normal” aspirations

  • explanatory notes and examples and exercises

  • templates to help with creativity - "ANYONE can be creative"

  • 7 Case Studies of applications in a variety of roles

  • notes on Time Management and Creative and Lateral Thinking

2.  Two laminated Janus reference cards - pocket and credit

     card sized

3.  A "Little Book of Epigrams" - see box on right

A "Little Book of Epigrams"

50 original, amusing, but SERIOUS sayings to help people reflect and learn how to fulfill their true potential; 7 examples ...

  • anyone can be creative - just reject the first idea you think of

  • the short cut to a dead end is the way you've always done it

  • be optimistic: your glass is half full; but it is ONLY half full

  • the best way to win an argument is to APOLOGISE ! 

  • now here's an original thought ... the other person might be right !

  • calling a spade a spade is ok ... unless it's a bucket !


  • a bespoke high impact, intensive workshop 100% tailor-made for each client and designed to achieve immediate results

  • four hours - presented at your convenience (egs 7 to 11am, or 1 to 5pm, or 5 to 9pm)

  • £750 (normal fee £900) plus agreed costs

  • for up to 6 delegates, fully personalised to their roles and objectives

Janus is a potent tool for people in practically any role - and teams and organisations - to help them meet challenges and solve problems; or recognise and realise opportunities; or set new high-reaching goals (AIM HIGH) - egs: for growth, profitability, competitiveness, CHANGE.

including Janus Creative Planning® and "A Little Book of Epigrams" - a very enjoyable way of making people THINK more creatively about how they can immediately improve performance and results, whatever their role.

£750 for up to six delegates

for a half day bespoke course

  • you can only control what you can control ... but YOU CAN CONTROL what you can control !