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personalised to the needs of each client and the roles of their sales managers

  • Delegates (4 to 8) spend 80% of course time making sales calls!  

  • In teams of two (playing salesperson and trainer) they travel, following maps, outside the training base, to keep a “journey plan” of appointments. 

  • Teams change for each session 

  • “Customers” are played by tutors and, ideally, client managers / trainers.

Experiential Salespeople Profiling

a unique approach to sales management training

"The best of all the many Sales Management training courses I have attended, or witnessed, over the years.


I learned more from practising the principles 'on the job' than I ever did from lectures on the theories, or even role play."


Mark Lunam, at the time a newly appointed Area Sales Manager, now Sales Training Manager, Mölnlycke Health Care.

- a 2 or 3 day residential course featuring "Lead In Your Pencil"

Sales Management

An Introduction to Sales Management

Sales Management Modules

the following can be either included in a bespoke agenda or programme, or as stand-alone training sessions

  • an introduction to sales management

  • direction, control and discipline of salespeople

  • appraisal techniques

  • motivating salespeople

  • the principles of learning and training

  • the principles of field sales training

  • the sales meeting

  • effective use of time and time management

  • interviewing and selection techniques

  • leadership for sales managers - remote leadership

  • self analysis and self development

  • ESP - Experiential Salespeople Profiling

from £2,000 (two days, 6 delegates)

One or two day workshops personalised to the client company, market place, the profiles of nominated delegates and the role of the salespeople. These workshops are ideal for salespeople being groomed for promotion.

ESP is a very effective tool for sales managers / sales trainers because it makes the "dreaded" on-the-job appraisal and coaching FUN. Trainers receive a copy of The ESP Sales Training Guide personalised to their salespeoples' roles.

the fee structure for a modular programme is £1,250 for one day (6 delegates) and £750 for extra days

"FIELD Sales Training" - delegates train each other !