...... developing people to develop RESULTS ........ in 2017


We tailor-make programmes for each client and the people they wish to benefit; we research to identify and agree precise objectives and the outcomes desired.

A uniquely different, relevant, action-packed, learning experience always designed to a client's specification. The "millionaire" element isn't a gimmick. We simulate the realities of a typical workplace by making all activites objectively measurable in terms of PROFIT and each delegate aims to earn a million pounds by the end of the programme!


the "Leadership Millionaire" course

Losehill Hall West Mews - our exclusive accommodation

the West Mews at Losehill Hall

"A perfect blend of fun and learning"

"It was a brilliant experience - hard work, but fun"

For a full self catering experience our favourites are Losehill Hall Youth Hostel in the the Peak District and Great Tower Camp Site in the Lake District. Both are  ideal for outdoor activities.

As well as it being a remarkably practical and valuable learning experience, the course is so enjoyable for delegates that it can be positioned as a REWARD and recognition of their value to your organsation

"I wasn't looking forward to it, but I am now so glad I did attend. It was a wonderful experience I will remember for years"

"My only criticism is it was too short. I would have liked more time for group discussions to apply the principles, especially Janus"

above are anonymous quotes from course evaluation forms


The Wordsworth Hotel, Grasmere

Our favoured hotel venues are the Wordsworth Hotel, Grasmere in the Lake District, and the Swan Hotel, Streatley-on-Thames

We will deliver bespoke courses anywhere! Our formula is flexible and transferable. But, of course, we do have our favourite venues.

The Swan Hotel, Streatley

Tailor-made for each client; minimum two days residential, from £2,000

The Leadership Millionaire is designed to SIMULATE the challenges and working conditions of the delegate group

Programmes are always 80% to 90% ACTION with delegates either participating in tasks or being debriefed after them; lectures are limited to introducing key principles: the 7 Responsibilities of the Team Leader, Action Centred Leadership, Motivation, Appraisal and (optional) Janus Creative Planning® and "Experiential Leadership Profiling".

* You can't throw money you haven't got at a challenge - but you can throw CREATIVITY at it! (epigram 4)

* In each Leadership Task appointed team leaders invest in materials / resources; there is always a choice at different costs, with spend set against gross profit at the end of each task - where there is always (as in real life) a difficult time constraint. Any net profit (teams sometimes make a loss!) is then divided between team members and carried forward individally towards their million pound objective.

An experience to remember and talk about for years!

Programmes and the positioning of them, can be co-ordinated and synchronised with existing in-house leadership / management development for a synergistic effect - making the theories and principles "come to life"!

We practise what we preach! We are flexible and creative to ensure relevance and challenge for any group - from management trainees to senior board members. See Training Activities.