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"CREATIVE Negotiating"

Negotiating & Account Management Modules

"Creative Negotiating" is an action-packed two or three day course for professional salespeople  at any level (each course is tailor-made)

Negotiating for WIN-WIN

"Negotiating Skills"

A one day workshop which introduces negotiating skills to successful salespeople, or newly appointed negotiators or account managers, or people IN ANY JOB ROLE that requires “influencing” others. It really is a WORKshop, with brief lectures introducing the principles, psychologies and disciplines, followed by case study work.

  • the psychologies of buying, selling and negotiating

  • creative and lateral thinking and mind mapping

  • the steps to a negotiation

  • preparing to negotiate - VARIABLE ANALYSIS

  • opening a negotiation; the discussion phase

  • power questioning and listening

  • trading and bargaining for WIN-WIN

  • summarising and closing

  • POWER negotiating

  • Janus Creative Planning®

  • Janus for salespeople

  • body language and the negotiator

  • control and self control

  • analysis of information; evaluation techniques

  • profitable account management, strategic business planning

  • negotiating over the telephone

from £2,000 (2 days, 6 delegates)

you can't "SELL" everything, but it's amazing what you can NEGOTIATE into a package!

EVERYONE in an interactive workplace should learn the skills of negotiating for WIN-WIN


"POWER Negotiating"

"POWER Negotiating" is a one day workshop for senior executives and top salespeople, negotiators and account managers.

When you can't "SELL" something it's time for some "POWER Negotiating"! Delegates work with their own challenging situations - and rehearse to establish what WILL work.


1 day workshop £1,250 for up to 6 delegates - extra £200 per head

1 day workshop £1,250 for up to 6 delegates - extra £200 per head

Delegates learn creative and lateral thinking and an insight into JANUS Creative Planning, as well as learning the psychologies and disciplines of negotiating for WIN-WIN.