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How Experiential Profiling Works

Where we include Experiential Profiling in bespoke training of any kind for a client, it is always a NO-COST option. Stand alone workshops are from £1,200.

everybody has a


everybody has a

DARK side

There are 3 generic Applications of experiential profiling, all of which can be refined and personalised for clients to be an 100% accurate description of the roles of the target group of people - what they should and should not do to be successfull and

achieve their full potential

Experiential Profiling is an interactive feedback system which

identifies how any individual can maximise his/her success. It is tailor-made to individual roles by transforming the key elements of that role into a checklist of HOW TO DO IT

Experiential LEADERSHIP Profiling

Experiential TEAMWORKING Profiling

ESP - Experiential SALESPEOPLE Profiling

The 12 profiles between them describe all the good ways to behave in the job being described, egs: positive body language, always consults others; AND all the common faults egs: resistant to change, impatient, impulsive.

The learning is in 3 ways:

  • Subliminally - the good behaviours are repeated throughout the Bright side profiles, so participants learn from the process itself - that, for example, positive body language is required

experiential profiling is presented on a laminated Reference Card with an instruction manual

experiential profiling is easy to learn and easy to use - and, despite its simplicity - remarkably effective!

applications of experiential profiling

Unlike other forms of profiling or psychometric testing, Experiential Profiling shows users WHAT TO DO in order to improve

their productivity and RESULTS

Call or email Rick Whitehead to talk through the possibilities

- 07831 345 373 - rick@impetustraining.co.uk -

  • Acknowledging what you, as a unique individual, HAVE TO DO to boost your success

  • Learning to see yourself as others see you

below is an example of ESP - click to expand

ESP generic version ready for personalising