...... developing people to develop RESULTS ........ in 2018


Experiential Teamworking Personality Profiling

“share, care, communicate!

  • galvanise and motivate everyone with a shared sense of purpose

  • programes are moulded to the circumstances and wishes of each individual team member

  • designed to achieve the appropriate balance between teambuilding, teamworking and motivational needs


"SERIOUS" fun - we focus on the team's STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES - tactical planning AND skill building

100+ Indoor and Outdoor Team Building Tasks to choose from

teamWORKING, making teams WORK and/or  teamBUILDING, developing SYNERGY

With programmes always tailor-made to the needs of the people, we have helped workplace teams in a wide range of industries and professions, at all levels; in locations all over

the UK and beyond, including London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast,

Manchester, Cornwall, Orkney, Dublin, France, Switzerland, USA and Trinidad.

Add Value to your programme with:

“Janus Creative Teambuilding”

Ideal for both small teams with a SHARED objective and high level executive teams planning for the longer term or creatively addressing how to meet challenges like Managing Change

Workshop Fee: £1,250 for up to 6 delegates - extra £200 per head

“share, care, communicate!” is our world famous catchprase defining the three ingredients of teamwork (see Books for details of the book of the same name)

We offer tailor-made teambuilding from £1,250 for up to 6 delegates - extra £200 per head - any location

Teambuilding in Trinidad - Rick showing how it's done!

If you want to know more about our approach to SERIOUS Teambuilding, with photo case studies of client workshops, please visit

our NEW dedicated web site www.sharecarecommunicate.com. Here we present our wide range of unique Teamwork

"TASKS" which we tailor to client needs in bespoke programmes AND offer for purchase if you wish to "Do It Yourself"!

We offer one or two day workshops tailor-made for each team. On one day workshops, the team work together on one TEAM SCENARIO - applying all 6 steps and culminating in team and individual action plans to “make it happen”.


NB: for an in-depth description of our range of tasks, with recommended applications,

and how we make them available for you to deliver yourself as part of an in-house programme, see the "DIY" (Do It Yourself) pages of our new dedicated web site www.sharecarecommunicate.com