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“share, care, communicate!” is our world famous catchphrase defining the 3 ingredients of teamwork - quite literally “world” famous because delegates from more than 30 countries have attended Rick's Leadership or Teambuilding events where the phrase is “brainwashed” (in the nicest possible way) into them by them all learning to shout the words out loud in a Liverpool accent!

“share, care, communicate!”

More importantly, they all remember what it means and apply the principles in their workplaces, whether as leaders, or team members.

The Book “share, care, communicate!” is a very practical guide to actually making teamwork happen in a workplace - to everyone's benefit. It includes a “how good are we at teamwork?” questionnaire for ideally all members of a team to complete ANONYMOUSLY; two “teamwork in action” self analysis checklists for reflecting on INDIVIDUAL and the TEAM performance. It also includes “Experiential Teamworking Profiling” (see Profiling)

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The book aims to encourage readers to “think about it” - reflecting on the dynamics in their own workplace, their own performance and their interactions with colleagues - asking themselves questions like “how can helping others help me?”

Because it is “none-threateningly” reflective, if studied alongside the book THINK ABOUT IT it will help readers “Learn by Laughing!” (one of Rick's guiding principles in all his training)

Note: both books “Share, Care, Communicate” and “THINK ABOUT IT” are issued as part of each of our D.I.Y kits (or for sale at £10 each)


Rick has always prioritised creating RELEVANT events that get RESULTS. If delegates attend with a preconception that ”teambuilding is a waste of time”, he ensures they leave withh new ideas to boost productivity and enjoyment.

The course rate is £750 fncluding preparatory time, but excluding research and consultations, which are charged at £250 a day; prices exclude vat, venue and equipment costs and agreed expenses. Course materials are included, as are up to 12 copies of THINK ABOUT IT and share, care, communicate!

Our 2022 range of Teambuilding Resources will consider a client's “new normal”, for example, bringing a team together who may have been home or hybrid working in order to “reboot” relationships and camaraderie - AND discuss business strategies - and HOW to work as a team!

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