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On-the-Job Coaching for Field or

Telephone Salespeople -

- to either include in a bespoke programme  or present stand-alone

Sales Training Modules

  • the psychologies of buying; the Mental Steps

  • the Steps to a Sale / Call

  • assertiveness; use and interpretation of body language

  • cold calling, selling for appointments,

  • selling to the “gatekeeper” egs receptionist, secretary

  • opening the call, building rapport,

  • questioning and listening techniques to establish needs

  • use of the telephone; selling over the telephone

Impetus              Training


  • presenting and demonstrating, use of visual aids

  • closing techniques,

  • dealing with objections,

  • negotiating,

  • persusive presenting to groups

  • the "social" sell - eg a lunchtime

  • Janus Creative Planning® - Janus for Salespeople

  • ESP - Experiential Salespeople Profiling

Janus Creative Planning®

Experiential Salespeople Profiling

providing uniquely different weapons  - that give salespeople an edge over their competition

We define selling as "HELPING People to Buy". We want the customer to be better off - to benefit from - our products or services.


We will be letting the customer down if we don't sell them what they NEED ... and we want to help them so much, we won't take NO for an answer!

and, from an HR point of view, add value to other training and development, or, we are happy to provide tailor-made training for salespeople at all levels from our range of modules

Immediate applications, eg visualise what a customer IS saying about you - and doing - after your visit


Strategic, eg I have doubled my sales of product X


Planning, eg I have made 10% more calls in 10% less time and 10% less miles!

JANUS for Salespeople

EVERY sales job is different. So we CREATE a bespoke application of ESP for each client.


Describing how each different member of the sales team cand be super successful in their own way.

ESP is the most effective field sales training resource ever invented!


Please visit our Sales Management page.

Janus Creative Planning®

-   JANUS for Salespeople

-   Experiential Salespeople Profiling

With an understanding of JANUS Creative Planning®, salespeople refine their selling and/or negotiating techniques to use JANUS principles WITH their customers.


They learn  aspiration and visualisation techniques to paint a picture which helps a customer visualise outcomes and - WANT to buy!