...... developing people to develop RESULTS ........ in 2018

  • the psychologies of buying; the Mental Steps

  • assertiveness; use and interpretation of body language

  • cold calling, selling for appointments,

  • selling to the “gatekeeper” egs receptionist, secretary

  • opening the call, building rapport,

  • questioning and listening techniques to establish needs

  • use of the telephone; selling over the telephone

JANUS Creative Planning® was originally conceived for salespeople complaining about "impossible" targets! Janus is easily understood, easily learned and, importantly, easy to apply without consuming time!

  • presenting and demonstrating, use of visual aids

  • dealing with objections and closing techniques,

  • negotiating,

  • persuasive presenting to groups

  • the "social" sell - eg a lunchtime

  • Janus Creative Planning® - Janus for Salespeople

  • ESP - Experiential Salespeople Profiling

providing unique weapons which give salespeople (and other "persuaders" in any role) an edge over their competition

JANUS Creative Selling - salespeople refine presentations to use Janus techniques WITH their customers - using aspiration and visualisation questions to paint a picture to help customers visualise ideal outcomes.

We are happy to provide tailor-made training for salespeople at all levels from our range of modules:

- 2 stand-alone 4 hour workshops... JANUS Creative Planning® and JANUS Creative Selling

one day, two day or longer workshops and courses, or coaching, or single modules presented in, for example, an

in-house sales meeting; we will always consult and tailor-make to meet the client's needs and resources

Impetus SALES Training


“Janus for Salespeople"

Two workshops

but three ways

to USE Janus:

Workshop One

Workshop Two

The Persuasive Professional

For "professionals" who NEED to be persuasive - to influence and motivate others in order to maximise their success in, egs, teaching, law, dentistry, accountancy, banking, SMEs, directors, departmental heads.

Strategic Planning


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eg I have made 10% more calls in 10% less time and 10% less miles!

eg I have recruited 5 new clients in six months



Helping customers/clients visualise success, aim higher and achieve more - in partnership with you.

visualise what a customer WILL feel, say AND DO, after your visit

before you make a telephone call or send an email ask "what WILL the recipient feel, think and DO as a result"


The 67 page book "The Persuasive Professional" has 7 chapters: the Persuasive Professional, the Informative Professional, the Controlled Professional, the Professional Motivator, the Professional Negotiator, the Professional Presenter - and the Reflective Professional, which is an introduction to Experiential Profiling and how the persuasive professional can use it to continuously develop his/her effectiveness as a persuader and motivator. Below is the generic version (to be personalised to specific roles) of the (laminated) Reference Card. CLICK TO EXPAND

BESPOKE Sales Training

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