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Our innovations and pragmatic approach develop people to develop RESULTS !


In a 25 year career in selling and sales management, before founding Impetus, Rick's favourite actvity was working on-the-job with salespeople and negotiators at all levels to help them boost their results and develop towards their true potential.


On-Boarding - Executive Induction Coaching

A Special on-the-job sales training package from Rick Whitehead - field or office-based

Outplacement and Career Transition Coaching

  • individuals are coached to achieve high levels of productivity, engagement and confidence in their new role from day one.

Another of Ian's specialities, Outplacement Coaching Programmes can be on a 1:1 or workshop basis. He can help individuals during transition in a confidential, supportive, non-judgemental manner by showing ways in which they can seek new career opportunities, design a CV, gain interviews and be confident, effective candidates at the interview stage of a job search.

Return On Investment - a key first step in any coaching assignment is to analyse and agree goals and make the "functional objectives" as measurable as possible to help the client measure the ROI.

£1.200 for research as necessary and 8 hours coaching in one day or spread over two

Ian Gillard

Executive Coaching

He spend 90% of his time helping executives at all levels to meet specific challenges, develop strategic business plans - and develop themselves.

  • they are  equipped to quickly establish themselves as key team members with their Stakeholders thus ensuring early Stakeholder engagement, support and commitment.

On-Boarding is one of Ian's specialities

Though all Impetus consultants will regularly work with individuals as part of a bespoke client assignment, IAN GILLARD, an ILM qualified Business Coach, is our Executive Coaching specialist. Call him on 07818 046 474


Sales or Negotiating Training

using our unique training aids

ESP - Experiential Salespeople Profiling and Janus

The Special Package

£1.600 for research as necessary and 16 hours coaching spread over two days or more

Negotiable rates for research as necessary and on-the-job training for more than one salesperson or executive

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Janus  Creative Planning is our exclusive Aspiration, Visualisation and Creative Thinking tool designed to specifically help executives aim high and then achieve their high reaching goals. Its (exclusive) use by our Consultants gives them a unique edge when working with executives on a 1-2-1 basis - we can help them achieve BEYOND their initial expectations! See Creativity for an introduction to Janus.

In advance and included in the package, Rick will consult, design and produce an ESP Reference Card (see generic version) for the Coachee's role and a plan to deliver tailor-made coaching in JANUS Creative Planning and Janus Creative Selling