HELPING People to BUY 

“The best way to diffuse an argument is to APOLOGISE to ther other person - even when they are wrong!


"But, what if my product isn't

the best or cheapest?"

YOU are part of the package.

YOU are the one who is there.

YOU are the one HELPING them!

"HELPING People to Buy" is both for salespeople who need to develop "partnerships" AND those who enjoy helping others, even if they never see them again - but DO want a referral or a testimonial!

It is a great read for salespeople, or anyone who wants to influence others, because it includes original material like the “Fertilizer Theory”, JANUS for Salespeople and ESP.

Because, rather than tell people what to do, it helps people think, a good idea is to study HELPING People to Buy and THINK ABOUT IT! together.


84 pages - CLICK on the illustrations of the cover and contents (left) to zoom

Bespoke Workshops - “HELPING People to Buy” or “the PERSUASIVE Professional”


Each workshop is personalised for the client both as an organisation and culture and for each participant. We select priority subjects from the relevant book and also design case studies of real life challenges participants face. 

Half day bespoke workshops, £750 for up to 6 delegates; extra £75 each.  Full day workshops, £1,250 for up to 6 delegates; extra £100 each.


Prices include copies for each delegate of either HELPING People to Buy or The Persuasive Professional and THINK ABOUT IT!