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the “Janus CREATIVE Leadership” OPEN course

"A perfect blend of fun and learning" - "It was a brilliant experience -

hard work, but fun"  - anonymous quotes from evaluation forms

IT IS for those who like the idea of being “sociable” - with no TV or WiFi - and poor phone signals!  And if all this excites someone, rather than putting them off, then this course AND this experience are for them!

Delegates take away SOLUTIONS

This course is specifically designed to fulfil our catchphrase "SERIOUS Fun". It always is an incredibly enjoyable experience to be remembered and talked about for years AND it is seriously productive in the short term because delegates take away action plans for immediate implementation.

Janus Creative Leadership is a three day course - view right (click to expand) and/or download the DRAFT agenda for our July 2019 course at Great Tower, Windermere.

The JCL course is designed to SIMULATE the challenges and working conditions of real life and provide NEW solutions

Each delegate is briefed how to prepare a "case study" from their own role and present it as a Janus Creative  Planning® "Scenario". They then work with it to design creative and applicable Strategic Plans. Because it truly is an OPEN course we always have delegates from completely different "worlds" learning from and teaching each other! (eg recently, a schoolteacher, a dentist and a production manager offering each creative advice!)

Task "Find, Cook, Eat" at Great Tower

Great Tower, Windermere

Janus Creative Planning® is a way of thinking which motivates and inspires people to aim higher and ENJOY TAKING RISKS! In concept it is simple, so it is easy to learn, easy to use and easy for us to integrate into our leadership development frameworks.

Please telephone or email Rick Whitehead to discuss the suitability of this course for your people and

your developmental objectives - 01494 589 889 or 07831 345 373 -

"Trying harder MAY be enough .... much better to think of DIFFERENT ways" (from A Little Book of Epigrams)

Agenda July Great Tower

NB: this is the only Janus Creative Leadership open course we are planning at Great Tower in 2019, so please register interest sooner, rather than later.

The final agenda depends on the profile of delegates, because numbers are limited to 12 and we research and personalise participation for individual delegates to stretch and challenge them.

And we always ensure delegates at any level will enjoy being taken out of their comfort zone while learning NEW skills and disciplines like Janus Creative Planning® (and refreshing others)

Enjoying an Outdoor Experience - for people of ANY age and ANY level of fitness!

HOWEVER, though all tasks are designed for intellectual rather than physical challenge, (brain over brawn) and can be enjoyed by people of any age and level of fitness, IT IS NOT for those who want luxury and comfort!

IT IS for those who don't mind getting dirty (and possibly wet, depending on weather) and who LIKE the idea of cooking over an open fire in the woods; and who will relish the camaraderie and teamwork of self catering and mucking in; who don’t mind sleeping in their sleeping bag in a bunk bed and possibly queuing for the shower!

Course Directors Cheryl and Rick

The Venue - Great Tower

Great Tower is a Scout Association owned venue. But we don't ask delegates to sleep in tents! We use a comfortable self-catering lodge which sleeps up to 25 in 7 rooms, but because we limit course numbers to a maximum of 12, there is always plenty of room. And the facilities include separate ladies and gents toilets/showers, a super modern kitchen and a comfortable lounge.

And at self catering venues like Great Tower we can appoint leaders for chores like cleaning, preparing breakfast and washing up! And it also facilitates versions of one of our most popular tasks - "A Gourmet Challenge"

Course Fees

Course fees for this July course at Great Tower are  £750 per delegate or £500 each for two attending together - INCLUDING ACCOMMODATION, ALL ACTIVITIES and FOOD (but not drink!)

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The tasks will though, as per our Leadership Millionaire model, be measurable in terms of net PROFIT - thus, whatever the nature of a task, it will alway emulate real life and be relevant to any delegate who HASN'T got unlimited resources of time, money/budgets and people in their job role!