The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Fund Raising Team

Teambuilding August - 2013

Janus Creative Planning® - June 2015

There are 12 team members in the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation fund raising team - and they are all enthusiastic and dedicated people.- who all have specified areas of responsibility and who also NEED to work as a team to support and help each other as well as achieving their individual goals and targets. So we were delighted to design a teambuilding day for them to help improve their already excellent teamworking.


After two challenging teamworking exercises, including a "treasure hunt" around the Liverpool Pier Head (see below) the group debriefed using our "Teamwork in Action Behaviour Checklist" and Experiential Profiling Bright and Dark sidesIn summary, an intensive, extremely enjoyable experience where lots of lessons were learned - and action plans committed to.


"Hi Rick, Thank you again for your time and expertise yesterday, the team have all been saying this morning how much they enjoyed it and got from it!"

Laura Irving, Director of Fundraising

Following on from the success of the Teambuilding, in June 2015 we designed and delivered two four hour Janus Creative Planning® workshops with 6 of the team attending each one.


Each team member was carefully briefed before their workshop to prepare a "scenario" of a current challenge in their workplace which they would be grateful for creative input (from others and themselves) to design a strategy to "make it happen".


We ensured they were all short term situations - ones they were facing within the next few weeks.


The workshops were then 100% interactive, with delegates working through the steps to Janus Creative Planning® wotking in gtoup or in pairs.