the PERSUASIVE Professional

A practical guide - WHAT TO DO to to Influence, Nudge and Persuade others

“The best way to get someone to do what YOU want is to focus 100% on what THEY want !”

“The PERSUASIVE Professional” is a handbook for professionals - lawyers, doctors, teachers, SMEs, people in finance, insurance - ANYONE who need to INFLUENCE others. It has 8 chapters:

1. The Persuasive Professional 

2. The Informative Professional

3. The Controlled Professional 

4. The Professional Motivator

5. The Professional Negotiator 

6. Pitching Professionally

7. The Reflective Professional

8. The Thinking Professional

Chapter 7, The Reflective Professional, modifies Experiential Salespeople Profiling for professionals to use to continuously develop their own effectiveness as persuaders, influencers and motivators. See Profiling.

Chapter 8, The Thinking Professional, presents 21 “Cognitive Biases” that can warp peoples' perception of reality, eg “Confirmation Bias” is where we look to confirm our existing beliefs.

As well as using the book to influence external stakeholders, it can also help any manager or leader to inspire, influence and galvanize their people - horizontally, eg other departments, down the line - AND up the line! AND externally - suppliers, partners, etc.

60 pages - click on this illustration of the cover to zoom in on it

Persuasion for professional in any role

72 pages - CLICK on this illustration of the cover to zoom

Bespoke Workshops on HELPING People to Buy or The PERSUASIVE Professional


Each workshop is personalised for the client both as an organisation and culture and for each participant. We select priority subjects from the relevant book and also design case studies of real life challenges participants face. 

Half day bespoke workshops, £750 for up to 6 delegates; extra £75 each.  Full day workshops, £1,250 for up to 6 delegates; extra £100 each.


Prices include copies for each delegate of either HELPING People to Buy or The Persuasive Professional and THINK ABOUT IT!