A SELF HELP Book with a Unique Approach

Think About What?

Deciding to WANT to be more productive and fulfilled is a start! The book then helps you identify in which areas you NEED to improve AND shows you HOW to do it - in an easy, enjoyable - even laugh-out-loud way!

See example page below.

An epigram is "a concise and witty saying" and the 61 in the book are all original, and SERIOUS - they all aim to help readers THINK. (The fact that the process is both pleasant and therapeutic is a by-product!)

Mindfulness for Normal  People!

Oxford dictionary definition: "a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations." OK ... but HOW?

"Normal" people are full of good intentions and resolutions. But when it comes to the crunch....? But "normal" people do enjoy things that are easy and fun - and if they help you achieve your resolution - RESULT!

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Balancing Ambition and CARING

"Never trust anyone" is common advice. The equivalent in this book is epigram number 47 "Trust and believe others ALL THE TIME - life is more relaxing

and fulfilling than being paranoid!" Think About that! And think about what the advice might be on the facing page (see example of page layout below)

The book is designed to HELP readers think about how to be EVEN MORE successful while being "nice" and genuinely trying to help others

A TIP - use this book in tandem with JANUS Creative Planning if you have specific goals or ambitions in your work and/or personal life.


The introduction stresses the theme of THINK ABOUT IT! How to question yourself - how CAN you grow and achieve your TRUE potential? There are then two pages on how to USE the book - individually and in a team. Epigrams are then presented in 5 Steps / Sections.

1. Creative Positive Thinking  2. Managing your Comfort Zone 3. Developing your TRUE Potential 4. Influencing, Inspiring, Engaging 5. Strategic Creative Planning

There is also an INDEX to direct readers to epigrams of particular interest. The topics under which epigrams are identified by number are:



Each of the 5 Steps is colour coded and contains 12 epigrams - with tips opposite each one on HOW to Think About it. See example below (CLICK to expand) of pages 32 and 33 containing epigrams 37 to 40 in step 4 - Influencing, Engaging, Inspiring. If you really want to THINK ABOUT an epigram and "wonder" what its possible meanings to you might be, fold the book over so you can't "cheat" by seeing the tips before you THINK!

Examples of Epigrams 37 to 40

(Yes, you're right - if there are 5 Steps of 12, where is the 61st epigram?) Just checking you are concentrating!  The extra one is in the introduction - by Aristotle - "Knowing Yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom" - THINK ABOUT that!


HOW the book works

What influences your judgement and decisions? Are you open-minded?

What is holding you back? How comfortable is your comfort zone?

Which assumptions inhibit you? Do you play safe, rather than

try new ways? What can YOU DO to be more successful?


Bespoke Workshops

In 2022 Rick is offering bespoke workshops - 100% personalised for the client and 6 to 10 delegates who all know each other - fees one day £750 for up to 6 people + £100 for each extra and, for half a day, £500 for up to 6 delegates and + £75 for each extra.