Self Help Books by Rick Whitehead

"All my books aim to relate to the REALITIES of 21st century post-pandemic workplaces. They are hopefully easy (even fun) to read by people in any role and can be used for self development by individuals and teams. By definition the principles I present define my approach and attitude - so, after reading a book, if you think the principles are relevant in your workplace and like my style, please get in touch!" 

All books can be used for both SELF Development and “GROUP THERAPY” (to help people see themselves as OTHERS see them) 

Choosing a Book

All books have been written/updated for a 2022 post pandemic zeitgeist and which any individual would prioritise will vary. But THINK ABOUT IT! is the book ALL should read first. Be honest with yourself about what you like and dislike; what (who) you are afraid of; what you want out of your job and your life. 

USING the Books

None of them are text books or "academic" in any way. They are all SELF HELP books - conceived to help anyone become BETTER - especially in their interactive and strategic abilities. And not only in their workplaces, but also in social and family situations. 

Then study the other books as you wish, depending on your role, challenges, ambitions, personal situation - and your comfort zone. Follow the links above to find more about each book (and maybe kill assumptions you are making based on the titles!) But get self knowledge from THINK ABOUT IT! first!

Prices and Payment

Books are £10 each; purchase 5 or more (any mix of titles) for £8 each. Books required for courses and workshops, either in-house (D.I.Y.) or delivered by Rick, are included in the fee. Until our planned web shop is up and running, please email/call Rick to order and we will invoice you in the old fashioned way!


"Trust and believe others ALL THE TIME - life is much more relaxing and fulfilling than being paranoid!"  -  THINK ABOUT that! (Epigram number 47)

For a tip on HOW to think about it go to  HOW the book works on our THINK ABOUT IT page