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 Down on the Farm for purchase 

The purchase price for this Task of  £350 includes consultations with Rick to personalise the Tutors' Brief for the clients goals and the circumstances of the nominated delegates.

for minimum 8 to 16 delegates

£1,2750 + vat and agreed costs

designed and delivered

by Rick Whitehead

A 1 day Bespoke Workshop


  1. The principles of assertiveness and self analysis questionnaire

  2. A teamwork and negotiating task the Moonlanding 3 parts

  3. Task Down on The Farm

  4. In-depth debrief of leadership behaviour and teamworking

  5. Discussions of real life case studies and strategic planning


This is the front page of the delegates' brief. Each team leader also receieves a Scoresheet unique to their team.

They also receieve a Scorecard on which to note the results of each round - attempting to establish the other teams' priorities.

And, of course, after rounds 3, 6 and 9 they may negotiate - as honestly as they wish!

The Tutor has a Master Scorsheet from which the results of each round are announced.