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Helping salespeople in ANY role, ESP can be tailored for each client for THEIR front line - egs: cold calling, telephone sales, presenting to groups, building partnerships, direct, retail, capital goods, medical, FMCG, finance, services, etc, etc, etc ! .

We are happy to provide tailor-made ESP free of charge if integrated into other sales training - one day, two day

or longer workshops. A stand-alone ESP tailor-made one day workshop for up to six delegates is £2,000.

“ESP” (Experiential SALESPEOPLE Profiling)




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The 12 types of personality have been chosen as a result of observing many salespeople in a wide variety of sales jobs over the years. The names of the “Types” remain the same for different applications of the system, BUT the “symptoms” are personalised for each individual

eg:the “Stakeholder” in a cold calling sales job where customers are only approached once would have different symptoms from someone who worked with customers in the long term.

eg:the symptoms for all types would vary considerably between the different types of sales jobs, - a “representative” v telesales v industrial v retail v medical, etc.

The Bright Side is the easier to use. This is because people are happier, both in self analysis and appraising others, to consider strengths, as opposed to being critical.

The Bright Side

If the Bright Side is the easier to use, it means, of course, that the Dark Side is the more difficult! But only psychologically - people don’t enjoy criticising or being criticised. Yet we would all accept that “no-one is perfect” and therefore there MUST be areas in which we can improve.

The Dark Side

Designed to be Easy to Use

Research has confirmed that none of the names of the types on the Dark side are “unacceptable”. For example, no-one is going to object to being called a “Friend”, but if that type had been called a “Snivelling Crawler” they might have objected!

The Bright Side of the Dark Side

Just as no-one is perfect, no-one is all bad either ! So all the Types on the Dark Side also have their good points, which, hopefully, will make it easier to communicate the not so good characteristics.


The Guide Book to ESP

The 32 page guide is positioned as a self analysis and self development resource for salespeople AND a field sales training tool for sales managers and sales trainers. If you wish to meet Rick (see above) he will show you the generic version (ready for personalising as necessary)

ESP generic version ready for personalising

below is the generic ESP Reference Card - click to expand

"The most effective tool for FIELD SALES TRAINING

I have ever worked with" (An FMCG Sales Manager)


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ESP is an effective tool for sales managers / sales trainers because it makes the "group therapy" self anlysis sessions on courses and

on-the-job appraisal and coaching FUN. We  personalise the ESP Reference Card to trainees' roles. See Profiling and Coaching.

12 Types in all, but we change the "symptoms" of each Type to tailor them to be 100% relevant to the jobs

of the targeted job role. So our first step is always the consultation, which is free and no obligation;

email Rick Whitehead or call 07831 345 373 to arrange a meeting

go to Profiling for the background to, and other applications of, Experiential Profiling

and to for professionals for its application to "professionals" who need to "sell"