How Good Are We At TEAMWORK?

How Good are WE at TEAMWORK?

With the D.I.Y. Kit for this Task a version of the questionnaire on the left will be produced for you - Task purchase price £300.

Note in the example that there are 14 rows - 14 different "symptoms" of teamwork. But one of the most important words in any learning exercise is "RELEVANCE". All these 14 symptoms MIGHT be relevant to any business, or, of course, they might not! And there might be other key challenges that might need to be included.


So a vital part of our service is to consult every client to ensure the correct "symptoms" are included from the onset.

Vital to the exercise is "ANONYMITY". Ideally ALL team members (not only those participating in a planned meeting or training) should complete a form anonymously to hand in to whoever is administating the exercise for collating and summarising. 

Then the summary can be presented at a team meeting for group analysis without anyone knowing who said what!

The D.I.Y. Kits for "How Good Are We" are tailor-made in advance by remote consultation with Rick AND he always makes himself available to help in any way - even collating and "interpreting" completed forms - just email him copies of the completed forms.

OR if you would like him to design and deliver a two hour workshop for you please get in touch.   -   07831 345 373