Tailor-Made Training in 2022

A Note from Rick Whitehead

“Though we are not publishing a course prospectus for 2022, I would be very happy to design and deliver bespoke events for clients"


“Serious Fun” is not an “oxymoron” - the words may appear to contradict each other but our experience has consistently shown that, if the “Fun” is unambiguously RELEVANT and important to delegates' work challenges - both problems and opportunities - then they will enjoy the process even more!

listening, debating, negotiating, training, planning, budgeting, competitiveness, Effective Use of Time and other resources (people), prioritising, problem-solving, decision-making, appraising, motivating, risk-taking, listening,

the VALUE of reflection, mindfulness and "seeing yourself as others see you", developing relationships with colleagues - learning about them, helping them, building mutual respect TEAMWORK - Share Care, Communicate!

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Rick Whitehead's signature course is the “Leadership Millionaire”. Each delegate is targeted, by the end of the event, to earn one million pounds in NET PROFIT.  Please also see our Leadership Page.

ALL resources, including time, have a price on them and ALL Task Goals are objectively measurable. In the “Raft Race”, for example, teams CHOOSE from a price list the items of equipment they wish to purchase and are rewarded by how fast they complete a route and how many team members survive! So the winning team might be one who spend less time and money on a smaller craft, and fewer team members crew it, earning less GROSS returns but more NET PROFIT!

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This same principle is applied in ANY Impetus Teambuilding or Leadership event. A treasure hunt will be for Impetus Money - for its own sake, or to buy other resources; there is always a time constraint - with bonuses and penalties in CASH; how high; how long; how many, etc - discuss, debate, listen and decide! There are many illustrative examples of Tasks on this page and all over the site. Many of them are venue and location dependent, of course, but part of the Impetus service is always tailor-making programmes to a client's goals and paticipants, and we will always help with finding a vanue (for DIY as well as bespoke)

Guide to Fees and Costs

The standard course delivery rate is £750 for the first day and £450 for subsequent days, including preparatory time, but excluding any necessary research visits, eg to a venue, or for client consultations, which are charged at £250 a day; these prices exclude vat, venue and equipment costs and agreed Impetus expenses. Course materials costs are included, eg delegate briefs and aids, questionnaires, etc - AND up to 12 copies of THINK ABOUT IT - and one other BOOK