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We offer tailor-made workshops, courses and Coaching in Teambuilding, Leadership, Creative Planning and

Selling and Negotiating - with our unique range of resources designed to help people boost RESULTS

Unique, original tools to challenge people at any level and MAKE THEM THINK!

Please visit our specialist web site www.impetusdentaltraining.co.uk to learn all about our CPD services for the Dental Profession

Call 01494 589 889 or 07831 345 373 (Rick Whitehead) or email [email protected] to register interest and initiate discussions

ESP (Experiential Salespeople Profiling) is a unique self development tool for Salespeople,

Account Managers, or ANYONE who needs to persuade and influence others as part of their role

Trial our most innovative and pragmatic "product", JANUS CREATIVE Planning® - four to six "decision makers"

(responsible for their own time management, strategies, etc, egs, directors, line managers, senior salepeople)

- a four hour tailor-made workshop HALF PRICE and GUARANTEED (invoice after event, if satisfied) -

For "professionals" who NEED to be persuasive - to influence and motivate others in order to maximise

their success in, egs, teaching, law, dentistry, accountancy, banking, SMEs, directors, departmental heads