Creatively different workplace learning solutions for organisations in any sector or profession.

Our innovations and pragmatic approach develop people to develop RESULTS !


A MESSAGE FROM MD Rick Whitehead - 22 September 2021


"share care communicate" are the three ingredients of teamwork.

We will design and deliver teambuilding or leadership tailor-made

to your business objectives where and when you want.

When is the perfect time for teambuilding? ANY TIME!

SERIOUS Teambuilding

Leadership; Selling, Persuasion, Negotiating; Strategic Planning; Personal Growth; Self Development; SERIOUS Teambuilding

01 Autumn

After 18 months of no activity for obvious reasons, we are ready to rock and roll again! Well nearly.


I have been very busy during lockdown writing, re-writing and updating everythink we offer. And the Autumnal look is beautiful.


But by Spring this web site will have metamorphosised into something completely different.


Keep checking in to see progress.


As my NEW book "THINK ABOUT IT" says


"I don't know how now, but I do know I will know" (think about it)