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Ambitious Growth and Business Development Targets?


We offer uniquely different tailor-made training in..... Leadership, Selling and Negotiating,

Persuasive Communicating, Creative Strategic Planning and.... SERIOUS Teambuilding

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Rick, Teambuilding in the warmth of Trinidad

We will design and deliver teambuilding or leadership where and when you want, for as long as you want. Although the example is the University of Trinidad and Tobago, so they didn't have far to travel! And, yes, that's me, Rick, showing them how (not) to do it!

When is the perfect time for teambuilding? ANY TIME!

But if you want to include outdoor activities, maybe Summertime is best!

ESP is a unique self development tool for Salespeople, Account Managers, or ANYONE who needs to persuade and influence others as part of their role

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SERIOUS Teambuilding

It is now scientifically acknowledged that, in virtually any type of organisation, a major influence on the welfare, fulfilment AND productivity of people is TEAMWORKING. To see how Rick Whitehead has translated his research and many years of experience into applications that work in any type of organisation, please visit our dedicated web site sharecarecommunicate.com. (And a clue into HOW he personally delivers is below!)