A MESSAGE FROM MD Rick Whitehead - December 2021 - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Rick Whitehead.jpg

Throughout 2020 and 2021 I have been using the "opportunity" the covid pandemic has presented to transform all our original material into practical "Self Help" reference books and "D.I.Y." resources which ...

  • Individuals can use to help themselves develop towards their TRUE potential

  • Managers and Trainers can use in meetings and in-house courses

  • TEAMS can use in meetings and in-house courses - enjoyably helping each other

  • I can help you by remotely tailoring resources for you to deploy

  • I can deliver myself when I cautiously creep out into the glare of the "new normal" to help clients (where, of course, they are comfortable with me joining their "bubble") !


Unique tools to help you tackle the "Post Pandemic Zeitgeist" - for REFLECTION, MINDFULNESS and CREATIVE PLANNING

"Please call me l or drop me an email with any queries, or for any advice - or to just touch base with me again if we have worked together in the past"

- 07831 345 373 - rick@impetustraining.co.uk -

ANYONE, in any role, in any position can benefit from the reflection and resulting Self Knowledge "forced upon them" (in a very enjoyable way) by dipping into the 61 Epigrams in "THINK ABOUT IT!", especially if they are using "JANUS Creative Planning" at the same time.