The MPhil in Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management (ISMM) is a world famous ten month postgraduate programme designed to provide graduates with the technical skills, personal development and industrial experience they need to become effective immediately in their early careers in industry.


Because project work in collaborating companies takes up 40% of the course and forms the backbone of ISMM, the need for effective teamworking throughout is vital. Thus the teambuilding we deliver in October each year has to be focussed, practical and  pragmatic. It is made even more important by the diverse profile of each group - the October 2014 intake, for example, was 40 graduates - from 21 different countries!  


The Teambuilding is “twin-centre” - on campus in Cambridge on the first day, we introduce the principles, psychologies and disciplines of “Share, Care, Communicate” and team members learn about themselves and each other with “Experiential Teamworking Personality Profiling”. Then the group, including course tutors, moves to the Peak District to practice the principles and get to know each other, through participating in the "Pub Quiz", “Valley Challenge”, the “Marketing of Castleton” and the “Reservoir Challenge” exercises.


Then in May/June each year we deliver a purpose designed “Leadership In Action” course based at Great Tower Camp Site, Windermere in the Lake District. The purpose is to give each course member the disciplines and tools to accept effectively the responsibilities of leadership they will inevitably have to accept, even in the early years of their careers. We are proud that the October 2015 intake for ISMM will be the 15th we have worked with - we must be doing something right!